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Things to do Chalfont St Peter - Juniors


Activity Name Venue
Dance Chalfont Swing Scout Hut
Dance Line Dance Community Centre
Dance Silouette Dance Community Centre
Drama Chalfont Youth Drama CSG Memorial Hall
Music Chalfont Wind Band Robertswood School

General Club

Activity Name Venue
Chess Chalfont Junior Chess GX Memorial CEntre
General Chalfont St Giles Guides Guide Centre
General Chalfont St Giles Ranger Guide Centre
General Chalfont St Peter Guides Lansdown Road
General Chalfont St Peter Scouts Scout Hut
General Chalfont St Giles Explorer Scouts  

Sports Club

Activity Name Venue
Archery Little Abbey Bowmen Newland Park(summer) / Whitehill Centre Chesham (winter)
Athletics Chiltern Harriers Athletic Club  
Badminton Chalfont Eagles Junior Badminton Club Chalfont Leisure Centre
Badminton Chalfont Monday Badminton Club Chalfont Leisure Centre
Badminton Flying Feathers Badminton Club  
Basketball Chiltern Chargers  
Cricket Chalfont St Giles Cricket Club  
Cricket Chalfont St Peter Cricket Club Chalfont Park
Cricket Gerrards Cross Cricket Club Dukes Wood, GX
Cricket Gerrards Cross Women's Cricket Club  
Football Chalfont Saints Football Club Chalfont Centre for Epilepsy
Football CSP AFC AFC, Community Centre
General Chalfont Leisure Centre Chalfont Leisure Centre
Gym Physique Chalfont Leisure Centre
Gymnastics Chalfont Gymnastics Club Chalfont Leisure Centre
Gymnastics Raans Chilterns Gym Club  
Hockey Amersham & Chalfont Hockey Club Newland Park / Chalfont Park
Hockey Gerrards Cross Hockey Club Beaconsfield High School
Martial Arts Chalfont Judo Kwai Chalfont Leisure Centre
Martial Arts Chalfont Ki-Aikido Club Scout Hut
Martial Arts Chiltern Karate Association Newland Park
Martial Arts Pegasus Academy of Martial Arts  
Martial Arts Shotokan Karate Chalfont CC & Leisure Centre
Softball Chalfont Park Softball Chalfont Park
Motor Cycles Hux Motor Cycle Club Nr Denham Airfield
Swimming Chalfont Life Saving Club Chalfont Leisure Centre
Swimming Chalfont Otters Chalfont Leisure Centre
Swimming Chiltern Dive Crew  
Swimming Chiltern Syncronised  
Swimming Rookie Life Saving Club  
Table Tennis Chalfont & District table tennis league Chalfont Leisure Centre
Tennis Chalfont St Peter Tennis Club Mill Meadow
Tennis Chalfont St Giles Tennis Club  
Tennis Gerrards Cross Lawn Tennis Club Gerrards Cross Tennis Club
Water Sports Gerrards Cross Sailing Assoc  
Youth Club Chalfont St Giles Youth Club  
Youth Club Chalfont St Giles Youth Club  
Youth Club Chalfont St Giles Youth Club  
Youth Club Chalfont St Peter Youth Club  
Youth Club Chalfont St Peter Youth Club  
Youth Club Chalfont St Peter Youth Club  
Youth Club The Rock