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Poor Image

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Topic: Poor Image
Posted By: Yorkie
Subject: Poor Image
Date Posted: 18†April†2017 at 9:45am
After walking down the high street over the weekend I am amazed at the poor image the developers are leaving, not only does the retaining wall leave the image of a developer not caring for their image as it looks totally industrial, but the path from the clock to the new formed dropped kerb is just shambolic. I for one have no real issue with new developments within Chalfont St Peter, but we should not have to accept poor quality and workmanship that will affect us for years to come.

Posted By: watsy
Date Posted: 18†April†2017 at 10:50am
I walked around the NSE at the weekend for the first time since they removed the fences and they've levelled the huge mounds of earth, but they are at least 5ft above where they were and the footpath that surrounds it?  Surely planning didn't allow that?

Posted By: big baggles
Date Posted: 19†April†2017 at 9:09am
the grange is just a total shambles, - the path across the common by the clock is just horrid, - try pushing an adult in a wheel chair up that pathway,its impossible - 
the green retaining wall is a mess, the steel RSJ  look ugly and if the standard of workmanship on the wall carries through to the new homes then god help the new residents- they will need the NHBC scheme !

a large group of the workers sit and drink most lunchtimes in the gravel lane down to the garden of rest- no wonder workmanship is bad, the workers are Pi$$ed 

the elderley care home seems to have been erased - talk of privately owned flats for the over 55's ( mcarthy and stone) instead - how are privately owned flats a community asset ???

the s106 payment for the CSP community appears to be going to iver to build a new school - apparently there are no projects in CSP that the S106 funding could be allocated to....

add to that the allegations of fraud over the sale of the site and the whole scheme just stinks-  heads should roll for this, there is very very little positive to discuss over this development...

i really hope the legal eagles go the whole hog and root out the fat cats, the fraudsters and the people in authority who clearly think they can 'steamroll' this project through despite the concerns of local residents....

it all stinks...and we are left with the mess....

need a stella and i need one now !

Posted By: No?DireStraits
Date Posted: 19†April†2017 at 11:09am
Originally posted by Yorkie Yorkie wrote:

After walking down the high street over the weekend I am amazed at the poor image the developers are leaving, not only does the retaining wall leave the image of a developer not caring for their image ...

image(s) Developing cameras are nearly obsolete since everyone started using digital non-film ones :)
,so, maybe they have some(valid) "Excuse" :(

Anyway Re: privately-owned "community"accommodation message above,
on a different note, I saw a 'reasonably'Priced StudioFLAT in GX, From £355k ! ,via the HelpToBuy scheme.
I wonder who really qualifies to get it ?

x x FLOrencia

off topic, e.g. of Very :)   GoodImage" rel="nofollow -


don't Keep my Tradesman Ian 01494671308 aSecret, shareHim!

Posted By: lesleyr
Date Posted: 20†April†2017 at 8:58am
We have local elections coming up. This is everyone's chance to protest at the ballot box and get rid of our self serving complacent and useless councillors who have allowed this to happen to our village !!

Posted By: brewski
Date Posted: 21†April†2017 at 4:12pm
Am i correct in thinking the Tory councilor's are in charge at the moment?

They will not be receiving my vote after this total fiasco.😣

Too many laws...
Too few examples...

Posted By: watsy
Date Posted: 21†April†2017 at 4:19pm
Who is standing - are there any independents? Do they actually live in the same location?

Posted By: MarkF
Date Posted: 09†May†2017 at 1:53pm
If I ruled the world....anyone involved in town planning anywhere in the UK should by law have their finances open to public scrutiny.

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