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Posted By: C of C
Date Posted: 22áFebruaryá2006 at 9:49pm

Thought you may be interested in a letter I sent out
this week



The Chamber of Commerce have organised the hanging baskets throughout the village for many years. This has helped to create a very distinctive feel to the village in summer and contributed to Chalfont St Peter winning the Pushman Cup for Best Kept Village 2005 and many previous awards.

A total of ú4,000 is needed to provide baskets for the whole village, which covers the cost of the baskets, plants and upkeep throughout the summer, including regular watering.

This has never been funded from subscriptions but by fund raising events and donations. Last year part of this sum was raised in this way, but fund raising was made very difficult and the Chamber had to subsidise the cost of the baskets. The Chamber cannot do this again and it is highly unlikely the Chamber will be able to provide this service to the village due to a lack of funds.

The Chamber is therefore looking for an alternative solution, possibly sponsorship, or a group or individual to take over the organisation of the hanging baskets on behalf of the whole village. The Chamber can provide details of the existing number of baskets and the contractor who has managed the hanging basket contract successfully for many years.

In addition, I have spoken to the local press, the Bucks Advertiser, to ask for their help in publicising this issue and I hope there will be a piece in the paper this week.

Anyone who has an alternative idea or solution, should get in touch with me on 01494 873533.

The Chamber of Commerce is committed to supporting the businesses of Chalfont St Peter. I sincerely hope we can find a solution to this issue because the hanging baskets have become a traditional element of this village in the summer.


Posted By: watsy
Date Posted: 01áMarchá2006 at 8:19pm

I understand that the Chalfont St Peter Village Association (formerly the Market Place Association) is now doing the hanging baskets instead this year.

I also understand they are affiliated to the British Chambers of Commerce and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce now.

Posted By: moggies
Date Posted: 01áMarchá2006 at 9:38pm

Well, whoever's doing them, well done! The baskets and tubs are much appreciated....

Still don't know what I want to do when I grow up...

Posted By: Helen
Date Posted: 03áMarchá2006 at 10:36am


I am organising a new page and web site so you can check it out. Also a Race night to raise funds is booked at the middle school on the 1st of april 7.30 start, fish and chip supper, ú10.00 a ticket, so please come and support the village, dont be a chicken licken! come and get your tickets from fake it chalfont stationary, olivers or skinners the funneral place on the corner of market place and vale road.

Posted By: larry loafer
Date Posted: 04áMarchá2006 at 2:22pm

A 'race night' sounds great Helen....won't miss that.


If any of you guys on the Forum would like to make a donation to the newly organised Chalfont St Peter Village Association it would be much appreciated, no matter how small (or large) they are.

All donations would be gratefully received by Andy Huxtable at Des Res homeware, 19 Market Place, CSP.

ps. Hey Bryan of about making a donation on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce to show your continued support??

let's be careful out there

Posted By: big baggles
Date Posted: 04áMarchá2006 at 2:53pm

but what about all those people who already pay in to the chamber of commerce and all those who already support the village and local businesses....


we knew what we got with the COC.....

what are we going to get with the 'new organisation'  will the money be spent on floral decoration in the market place or the village as a whole ? the COC look after the whole village..... will the new group do the same ?

need a stella and i need one now !

Posted By: Helen
Date Posted: 04áMarchá2006 at 6:04pm

Dear BB, the new group is for the whole village, supporting the whole of the village working as one joint effort. We have the full backing of the Parish Council and any funds that are donated to, COC for hanging baskets or xmas trees, I hope they will be honest enough to forward to the new group CSPVA. The new group ARE the REAL business IN the village and you can trust us. But what we do want is more like minded people to join us and help fund raise for the future so we can build and improve our village so, our old folk and young children of the future can walk about knowing they are safe. We need less apathy and more action by all.

Posted By: Anita
Date Posted: 04áMarchá2006 at 6:36pm
I think Big Baggles it would be wonderful to know exactly what we got with the COC and how it is funded and how many members they have who will miss out with this new Association. I hope the village will gain enormously with the supportfrom all the businesses in the village and not just the few in the COC.The amount of interest shown by  CDC and the Parish let alone the money from Bucks has been amazing and most welcome.

Posted By: big baggles
Date Posted: 05áMarchá2006 at 12:29pm

the chambers accounts are there for all to see, i also get the newsletters which keep us updated, , and  there there are initiatives such as the flags, the  hanging baskets and the trees and the lights ,   the required insurances, fees - need i go on,

i am not knocking either the chamber or the new group, just want to know what it is we as supporters will get for our money.....


so tell us more !


need a stella and i need one now !

Posted By: Anita
Date Posted: 05áMarchá2006 at 12:56pm
How bout a meeting in the pub Big Baggles.

Posted By: watsy
Date Posted: 05áMarchá2006 at 8:34pm
Originally posted by big baggles big baggles wrote:

the chambers accounts are there for all to see, i also get the newsletters which keep us updated, , and  there there are initiatives such as the flags, the  hanging baskets and the trees and the lights ,   the required insurances, fees - need i go on,

I paid last summer to be a member and haven't had a newsletter? (or a receipt!)

Posted By: pierre
Date Posted: 05áMarchá2006 at 8:56pm
Originally posted by big baggles big baggles wrote:

the chambers accounts are there for all to see,

I'm not a member so please can you supply a breakdown of the funds raised by the Rock with Coc night then.

ps brian, Trampoline are still awaiting a thank you for the free entertainment we supplied to boost the fund! 

Perveyor of crap knob jokes since 2007.

Posted By: C of C
Date Posted: 05áMarchá2006 at 9:17pm
We are delighted to learn that CSPVA are going to organise the hanging baskets for the whole villege this year. We wish them well and are looking forward to another magnificent display this summer.

We have no plans for fundraising but if we receive any donations for hanging baskets will be pleased to pass them on.

We cannot understand Anita's comments as she was an active committee member for several years and was party to all our decisions. Our annual audited accounts show exactly how we are funded.


Posted By: Helen
Date Posted: 06áMarchá2006 at 9:20am

I think this subject should be closed before it gets into he said this and I said that!. We will let everyone know when the next meeting will be and where it will be held. Now lets look to the future please.

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